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"I’m pretty good with diet, but I always thought counting macros would be hard. You’ve made it really simple."  Lindsey

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Need to lose weight?
Not achieving the desired results?
need guidance in the gym?
Is your diet in need of a revamp?
Ready to get healthy and fit?
Facing a plateau in the gym?
Ready to take it to the next level?

No matter your level –

Game Changer Coaching & Training will guide you in reaching your unique goals and requirements, regardless of where we need to begin.

Our personalized approach encompasses a tailored diet, customized training, cardio strategies, and personalized supplement recommendations, all meticulously crafted to suit your individual needs.

Embrace the opportunity to improve yourself without hesitation.

what's included
Personalized MEAL Plan
 Training SPLIT
Simple Cardio PROTOCOL

Gamechanger Diet guide
Gamechanger Supplement Guide


No Hidden Fees

Cancel Anytime

No Long-Term Contract


No two individuals share identical traits, and similarly, no two programs can be identical. We steer clear of cookie-cutter, pre-designed plans and diets. When you enroll with Game Changer Coaching & Training, you embark on a journey with a fully tailored and dynamic diet and training regimen, meticulously crafted to align exclusively with your aspirations and way of life.

Boasting more than two decades of hands-on training experience, I have amassed an extensive repository of foundational knowledge, techniques, insights, and strategies beneficial in both the gym and the kitchen to propel you towards your goals. In my capacity as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and accomplished bodybuilder, I have guided a diverse spectrum of individuals with unique goals, capabilities, and routines, enabling them not only to achieve enhanced health and fitness levels but also to establish unforeseen aspirations.

Procrastinations is the killer of dreams, so waste no more time. Let's get started!

Keep your goals in sight, and never give up on them!

Our 12-week program comprises a series of 4-week cycles focusing on diet, training, recovery, and overall health. These cycles are meticulously customized to align with your personal experience, goals, lifestyle, and current fitness level.

Following an in-depth "discovery" phase, I construct a meticulously tailored plan designed for you to reach your optimal results. Rest assured, there are no generic templates or hastily devised strategies. Each exercise regimen comes complete with details such as sets, reps, and cues.

During check-ins at the end of each 4-week interval, we will review your progress, address any challenges encountered, explore potential solutions, troubleshoot issues, and provide answers to any queries you may have. 

"I’m just enjoying this whole thing. And meeting like-minded individuals is a HUGE deal for me." - Anna E.

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"I don’t have personal experiences with other trainers, but talking to all my friends that have makes me realize that you go way above what most do. I think it’s because you do actually care about our progress. You’ve really dedicated time to all of us and set us up for success. I’m pretty good with diet, but I always thought counting macros would be hard. You’ve made it really simple.

I love having our group to bounce thoughts off of each other. While we all have different personal goals, the end goal is the same. Be healthy and fit. You set us up for that really well while realizing we are human and are going to make mistakes. 


I love how all you have taught me has given me the confidence to walk in the gym on my cruise and know I was doing it all right with correct form. I'm the only one that got off the cruise today without feeling bloated and gross. I used what you’ve taught me to make smarter choices, and I still had just as much fun as they all did."

- Lindsey C.

"The most beneficial aspect for me is your knowledge and provided topics that you cover from the beginning like, nutrition guidelines- healthy fats, proteins, and starchy carbs. I seriously thought counting Marcos would be so time consuming, but you have made it so easy for me. I can tell you have taken the time to really study the body and you are passionate about sharing everything you know in hopes of helping others. 

I love the feeling of community. Especially with all women providing each other support and how you provide all of us with support and encouragement! Accountability is huge for success, and you provide that with a great supportive attitude! Also, how positive you are even when I feel like I am not able to do my best. 


Keep up the great work! I appreciate you so much for helping me throughout my fitness journey."

- Mattie M.

"I think learning true good form was a big deal for me. I was always OCD about my form, but the little changes I have learned so far in my mechanics while lifting have been a game changer. I now feel like I’m doing so much more than picking up a heavy weight. My training has a more guided purpose and focus and it has really helped ground me more in my fitness journey. 


I’m thankful for all the constructive criticism, and I think you do an excellent job at pointing out areas of improvement that are needed. 


I’m just enjoying this whole thing. And meeting like-minded individuals is a HUGE deal for me."

Anna E.

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