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Over 3 days we will force feed you over $487,000.00 worth of marketing knowledge, nutritional expertise, the latest in training & business systemisation, so you can finally find the answer to what is holding your business back.


This 3 day "NO PITCH" event will deliver you a NO B.S. approach to getting better results with your clients and an exact blueprint to fill your books faster than you ever thought.

Let's have a look at some of the speakers coming!

You get to ask your questions to the biggest names in the industry and apply their knowledge to your business!

Our Awesome Speakers

Adam Bornstein: How To Build Your Brand And Create Ultimate Positioning

- What really helps your brand and makes a difference for the growth of your business
- How to build your brand through social media
- The things you must know if you want to get published in major publications (such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, etc..)

Alan Aragon: Evidence is Power: How Science Strengthens The Game

- How to acquire knowledge and decipher strong versus weak evidence
- How to gain a grasp of the big picture through scientific research
- How to spot and critically evaluate fad diets and sports nutrition fairy tales.
- How to apply the power of continuums when coaching clients or teaching students
- How to use your bullshit-proof vest to win at life

AJ Roberts: Beyond the Gym 2.0 - Creating Freedom Through Fitness

- How to get everything in the world you really want
- How to take what you're already doing and tap into the easiest and most profitable business ever
- Why expanding beyond the gym isn't a choice but your only option.

Andrea U-Shi Chang

Andrea U-Shi Chang, Senior SFG Instructor, Global Primal Move Instructor, Functional Movement Specialist (FMS), and Z-Health Certified Movement Coach, was introduced to the world of fitness in 2005, specialized in Russian kettlebell training, transformed her life, and never looked back. Opening the first kettlebell gym in the Pacific Northwest, Kettlebility, in 2009, Andrea teaches instructor certifications for StrongFirst and Primal Move worldwide. She was contracted by the Seattle Seahawks to bring the FMS system to the team in 2012, has been the technical editor on both Kettlebells for Dummies, and Paleo Workouts for Dummies, and has been integral in the development of Primal Move, editing the teaching manual and promoting Primal Move in North America. Last year, Oprah highlighted Andrea’s success in the January 2013 issue of O Magazine.

Ben Bruno

Ben Bruno Hands On: “Joint Friendly Strength Training: How To Get Your Clients Who Have Injuries, Aches And Pains; To Get A Great Training Session, Results, And Leave With Accomplished Vs. Frustrated

- How to get a good training effect without hurting clients and/or exacerbating any preexisting ailments.

- Practical hands on exercise variations that will help you get clients consistent results. All of which can be done in a small space with low cost equipment.

Curtis Mock: Low And No Cost, Effective Marketing Strategies You Can Use Now

- Fun, unique, and creative marketing strategies that work
- The importance of having multiple marketing messages going at any given time
- How to market your services even without a marketing budget
- The importance of planning your marketing strategies
- Everything is marketing and marketing is everything

Dan John: Intervention Lite: the Role of Reasonableness

- Managing Risks to Managing Options
- A to B...or A or Not/A?
- Fundamental Human Movements
- MED and Killer Apps
- Regressions are the best Corrections

Dax Moy: MindMAP - Dramatically Impact And Change The Lives Of Your Clients Lives By Getting Them Unstuck And Creating Amazing Results and Experiences

- Brain science made 6-year old simple and why you CAN’T “positive think” the brains survival mechanism
- Why YOUR training and nutritional approaches are probably triggering threat
- Why goal setting kills the coaching relationship when done wrong (most are!)
- Why most “calls to action” paralyze even motivated clients
- Why YOUR values system is likely to hold your clients back
- Why most goals WILL fail…and how to GUARANTEE yours won’t

David Dellanave (Hands On)

David Dellanave is a lifter, coach, and owner of The Movement Minneapolis in the Twin Cities. He implements biofeedback techniques, teaching his clients, ranging from athletes to general population, to truly understand what their bodies are telling them. He writes articles to make you stronger, look better naked, and definitely deadlift more at http://www.dellanave.com/.

He holds several world records, including one in the Jefferson deadlift, and his alter ego, Dellanavich from Dellanavia, has a penchant for coaching classes wearing a weightlifting singlet and speaking with a (terrible) Eastern European accent.

Biofeedback Hands-On:

- Learn to use your body’s feedback signals to figure out how it’s reacting to your workout - then adjust on the fly accordingly.
- Find variations that might look odd, but work perfectly for your own unique physiology.
- Too much to recover from? Too little to stimulate gains? Never again when you know how to spot the signs of unproductive training.

Eric Cressey: Cracking the Crossfit Code

Let's face it: Crossfit is here to stay.  With that in mind, it's time for someone to take an unbiased look at how we can make coaches and fitness enthusiasts successful within the scope of this training system.  In this presentation, Eric will look past the emotions people have with respect to this approach, and discuss rationale ways to accentuate the positives while offering solutions for the shortcomings. In short, the goal is to bring people together, not drive two sides further apart.

Jeremy B. Shapiro

Jeremy B. Shapiro is the creator and founder of FuseDesk.com, a customer support helpdesk system for businesses running on Infusionsoft who value providing world class customer support. Jeremy is a serial-entrepreneur with a focus on technology, advisory and marketing and he has been a founder of ForeclosuresMass, Bay Area Mastermind, Government Deal Funding, and more. In addition, Jeremy sits on the Board of Advisers to the Affiliate Mastermind Group, is a Maverick1000 member, and has been a member of Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle (GKIC), Bill Glazer’s Info-Mastermind group and The Winners Circle (TWC). When not in the office, you'll likely find Jeremy road cycling, rock climbing, mountaineering and pursuing his passion for the outdoors.

Jerry Foster

Internet Marketer, Local Marketing Specialist, Wealth and Personal Achievement Expert

Jerry Foster has been a "self unemployed" serial entrepreneur for over 17 years, marketing products and services on the Internet for 15 of those years, and specializing in the area of teaching small to medium sized local business owners how to use the power of Internet marketing to maximize their profitability in a changing economic climate.

With a base of clients now in 27 countries around the globe, Jerry has successfully taught these marketing platforms to business owners who can implement to increase profits immediately.

A popular instructor, author, and consultant, Jerry is one of the most practical and down-to-earth wealth trainers in the world. After graduating from college, Jerry helped develop three different multi-million dollar companies before realizing that, rather than he running the companies, the job and the companies were actually running his life. It was at that point Jerry realized that time freedom was equally important, if not more so, than the financial freedom. His professional focus ever since has been running his OWN companies and teaching others to successfully do the same.

In addition to his first priority--his children--and his businesses, Jerry's passion is helping other people realize both time and financial freedoms that come through owning their own business. Says Jerry, “One of the most fulling aspects of my life is helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams and prosperity through owning their own business.”


Joel Jamieson

Joel Jamieson is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities on strength and conditioning for combat sports. He has more than 8 years experience working with many of the top fighters from all over the world and has trained over 30 of the biggest names in MMA, including 8 world champions. He has served as the Director of Strength & Conditioning for Pride FC, Dream FC and worked as a consultant for countless top level teams and organizations.

John Romaniello

JOHN ROMANIELLO, one of the most highly regarded experts in the fitness industry, has written for Men’s Health to Fast Company, and been featured on programs such as Good Morning America.

John is an angel investor, author and ranks between journeyman and expert in fields ranging from fitness to writing to marketing. He is the author of hundreds of articles, dozens of e-products, and one New York Times bestselling book

John Spencer Ellis: How To Get Endless Clients With No A Zero Using Stealth SEO

- How to dominate your local search for every related keyword phrase for your business niche (SEO)
- How to earn six figures this year with zero online advertising budget.

Kevin Nations: Chill Out…. Make A Difference….. Bank Cash

- How saying NO is the most important asset in your business
- How to position yourself as a though leader in a crowded space
- How to price your services at ultra-premium prices and still attract a raving fan base
- Why the most important thing you’ll do in your business is nothing at all

Martin Rooney: The Art And Science of Coaching

- How important your job description "coach" really is to the world
- Why you should be "coaching" and not just "training"
- Find out what skills you need in your toolbox to be the best coach you can be and improve the weaknesses in your business
- The ultimate differentiator: Improving your ability to engage and inspire your clients
- Rekindle the fire in your business and the reason you joined the fitness industry
- Have the specific action steps to make 2014 your best year ever!

Neghar Fonooni

Writer, fitness expert, entrepreneur, and mom, Neghar Fonooni is passionate about helping people empower themselves to live a vibrant, fulfilling life. Her intention is to teach women how to find and cultivate their inner radiance, living a lifestyle of their own design.

A Los Angeles native who resides in Santa Monica, Neghar brings her 13 years of training experience to worldwide workshops, numerous fitness publications, seminars and retreats, and her exclusive, ladies only online coaching program. Aside from pullups and deadlifts, some of her favorite things include red wine, dark chocolate, traveling, yoga, shopping, collecting books, reading with her son, and cuddling with her french bulldog.

Nick Nanton

An Emmy Award Winning Director and Producer, Nick Nanton, Esq., is known as The Celebrity Lawyer and Agent to top Celebrity Experts for his role in developing and marketing business and professional experts, through personal branding, media, marketing and PR to help them gain credibility and recognition for their accomplishments. Nick is recognized as the nation’s leading expert on personal branding as Fast Company Magazine’s Expert Blogger on the subject and lectures regularly on the topic at major universities around the world.

Nick Tumminello: Strength Training for Fat Loss

Nick Tumminello will show you the scientifically founded and client-approved training system he uses for designing highly effective fat loss workouts that get you into killer shape!

Nick will take you through the Performance U method of Fat Loss programming: The Philosophies, Diet Approach, Top Workout Protocols and Training Strategies.

You’ll discover:

- A realistic approach to fat loss nutrition (made stupid simple).

- Nick’s 6 laws of exercise programing for fat loss.

- The 3 C’s of strength training for fat loss

- Done for you examples of exercise protocols and workout programs you can immediately use.

Rob King: How To Build A 7 Figure Business With Body Transformation Programs

- How I went from almost closing my doors to having line ups out my door in under 6 months (wording sucks if you can word it better go for it)
- How 1 Transformation Program Changed My Business Forever
- How To Dominate Your Fitness Area & Be Untouchable.

Travis Jones

Travis Jones, or TJ, has always been passionate about fitness. As a teenager he played elite level Rugby League, travelling all over the world representing Australia.

His experience as a fitness professional began at Fitness First Perth, but he was soon running his own Fitness First franchises, managing over 70 personal trainers and overseeing 46 boot camp locations Australia-wide.  From 2004 onwards TJ moved around Australia, managing Fitness First gyms in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. In 2010 he moved overseas to Toronto, Canada, where he trained under elite coaches while working at Good Life gym, discovering the most effective and sustainable techniques to create rapid fat loss and body transformations.

Not satisfied with being just another number, and with a desire to help others, extending beyond the gym floor, TJ didn’t stop there. As part of the ‘Result Based Training Group of Companies’, Travis has also launched Fit Pro University and The TJ Story. Fit Pro University focuses on mentoring fitness professionals, to help launch their businesses beyond their expectations, to allow them the freedom of a business, not a job. The TJ Story, offers a forum to share free content with the community as a whole, TJ-isms, our charity programs and our most recent launch, the Health and Wellness Retreats

The Pack – Steve Krebs and Luka Hocevar

Steve Krebs and Luka Hocevar are the owners of The Pack Fitness Business Mentorship Program. Steve is an International Fitness Expert and has been featured on NBC, CBS, CNN, USA Today, CNBC and more. Steve is also the owner of Next Level Athletic Performance Inc. in upstate NY. Luka is also the owner of Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance as well as the co-owner of Vigor Ground Functional Training Center.

Key Note Speaker Announcement

Eric Thomas 

Renowned speaker, educator, author, activist and minister, Eric Thomas is rising to National prominence by delivering high energy messages that encourage people to live up to their full potential by breaking the cycles of crime, hopelessness and despair that many face daily. Known for his engagingly personal approach, his messages are both dynamic and inspiring. Formerly a high school dropout, he obtained his Masters degree in 2005 and is presently pursuing his PhD in Education Administration at Michigan State University. While consulting at Michigan State, he developed The Advantage Program, an undergraduate retention program targeting academically high-risk students of color. Eric’s representation of the merits of higher education, coupled with his knowledge of the pains of life, inspires people of all walks to break bad habits and reach for new levels of personal achievement.

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